1. Engineering survey work:
  • Geological engineering survey
  • Engineering and topographic surveys
  • Hydro-meteorological research
  • Engineering and environmental studies
2. Design and work documentation:
  • New construction
  • Reconstruction
  • Overhaul
3. Pre-development:
  • Feasibility study
  • ROI Analysis
4. Inspection and monitoring of transport infrastructure:
  • Scheduled Inspection
  • Project pre- operation inspection
  • Pre-repair inspection
  • Inspection to assess the possibility of passing excessive loads
  • Statistical Analysis
5. Work on complex engineering calculations
6. Expertise of design and working documents
7. 3D-visualization and 3D-modeling

The main area of expertise of Design & Research Institute “Sevzapmostproekt” LLC, is designing transportation infrastructures at various levels of construction in particular railway and road transport, facilities for passing pedestrians, various types of communications, and a variety of combined loads. The list of work carried out by Design & Research Institute “Sevzapmostproekt” LLC also includes the development of complex support structures and devices.

Unlike our competition, Design & Research Institute “Sevzapmostproekt” LLC performs supervision over the implementation of our design solutions once construction begins. We stay by your side from the drawing stages to the final launch. We are your partners throughout the whole process!

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